Problems Only a Pianist Understands

We all have the same loved one: our piano. We all feel the same joy when you tickle the ivories but we also experience the same problems that non- piano players will never understand. It drives us crazy and yet we continue playing the piano.

Your beloved piano gets out of tune


When you wake up and you go to your piano first thing in the morning but the first note that you played made you cringe. This problem can be resolved by having your piano tuned several times a year and if there’s any changes in the temperature or weather where your piano is located as it both can affect the parts of the piano.

Your next song’s key signature has five flats

pianogif2It can make your fingers twist and make your head spin but relax and repeat to yourself, you got this!

You feel that your fingers are not long enough

There are times that you wish you have longer fingers to reach that next octave in your piano. Oh, only if you can stretch it, or attach an extension. We feel you.

Playing with cold hands

We all know how hard it is to play with cold hands especially if you’re going to perform in front of a lot of people. The best fix for this is to bring a hot coffee or any f=drink that can give warmth to your hands and heart.

Turning when the page while playing

While we know it’s impossible not to turn pages while we’re paying, we still hate it. If only we continue playing and don’t have to stop to turn a page, it would be such a perfect world.

Missing your practice feels awful

pianogif3Being busy with our boring lives all day and never get the chance to practice for a day makes us feel like the most irresponsible person in the world. We all once felt it in our lives.

When your fingers refuse to cooperate

You have your eyes locked in the music sheet and you know what key to play next but your finger manages to have a mind on its own and played the next key. The only solution for it is patience and keep practicing.

A simple piece is wiped out from your memory over night

We all know that this is really frustrating but the good news is you can always and always learn it again.

You can’t help but criticize actors or actresses “play” the piano in the movies

Enough said.

When the time has come for your piano to be moved, you cried.

It’s lovely but heavy. For this matter, we need to hire professional piano movers in Chicago as grand pianos can weigh up to thousands of pounds.

Despite of all the problems and hardships that we experience in being a piano artist, we can’t still help but to fall in love in its sound and beauty all over again. Being a pianist gives such life that we cannot go on without it. pianogif4