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We, popular movements, non-governmental organizations are cocalerosparticularly concerned about the strategic projects of the United States, which, under the guise of fighting against terrorism and drug trafficking, are intended to ensure, with the complicity of local governments and financiers, a global control over natural resources and strategic territories. Now they threaten to submit by force any resistance to their hegemonic program.

After Plan Colombia and the major social crises caused in Ecuador, through the complete destruction of the Argentine economy, the South American continent now sees the chaos caused by neocolonialism “market” extend to Bolivia, where multiply human rights violations, particularly against the peasant and indigenous population of Chapare.

For several months, the Bolivian government, under the pretext of fighting against drug trafficking, excessively militarized the entire region of Chapare to run a program for the eradication of traditional coca cultivation which is in reality the eviction of the peasantry in favor multinationals. Indeed, the selling price of crops “substitution” coca does not even cover the production costs of farmers. It is therefore in the survival of small farmers.

The many events organized by farmers unions were brutally repressed. Leaders were killed in cold blood. There are already dozens of people, including four soldiers recently.

The government has taken a pretext to arrest 60 union leaders. Bolivian organizations defending human rights already denounced the abuse inflicted on them, beatings, electric shock to the teeth …

In addition, the Parliament voted through a questionable decision making, lifting the parliamentary immunity of national deputy Evo Morales Ayma, a key union leaders in the country, under the accusation of being ” the intellectual author “of the death of four soldiers. Evo moral pursuing a hunger strike for 9 days now.

Meanwhile, for no apparent reason, Soberania Radio, owned by the Federation of Cochabamba coca growers, was closed by the government and the facilities made unserviceable.

The region lives under military occupation which seeks to curb demonstrations and other roadblocks. Solidarity organizations from other sectors are also subject to violence and repression. Thus, the premises of the Coordination of Cochabamba water was ransacked and its leader, Oscar Olivera, charged with “sedition”!

Denouncing these gross violations of human rights and democratic freedoms, Bolivian organizations from various sectors, coca growers, Coordination of water, health care workers, retirees “sandwich” generation, environmentalists claim including:

– Immediate release of trade unionists and other political prisoners;

– Rehabilitation his rights of national deputy Evo Morales Ayma;

– The reopening of the Radio Soberania;

– The distribution of land, the right to retire and stop privatization;

– What finally initiates a genuine national dialogue.

These movements called resistance from Thursday, January 31 at demonstrations and road blockades nationwide.